SOTA Inc. was designed to serve as a critical supplier to the global Aerospace supply chain.  As such, we planned our training, software, tools, and manufacturing processes as an integrated system.  We understand the expectations of the aerospace industry.   We manufacture the type of mid-to-high complexity physical objects and critical components that constitute the sub-assemblies which go into the very airframes upon which our lives and the lives of our friends and families depend.  


As an Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise, one category we specialize in is our work with Super-Alloys as an emphasis on manufacturing parts with reduced weight and increased strength, as well as improved fuel economy and ultimately improved performance of already high-performance aircraft.  


We focus on the leading edge of Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives by making an early investment in Additive Manufacturing “3D Printing” through the introduction of commercial grade Direct Metal Laser Sintering technologies.   This will enable us to partner with prime contractors in the rapid development of prototype components ready for advanced testing.   


This focus on technology and the future ensures that we will be partnered with our customers for the duration of what will be an explosive growth period for manufacturing in the USA. 


Finally, as engineers and veterans, we know what “Safety of Flight” truly means.  As a result, we view our mission to support Aerospace with the same relentless attention to detail and focus on quality as if our very lives depended on it – because they do.

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